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February 2021
Human Learning (2020): Watching a Textbook Develop
Human Learning (2020): Watching a Textbook Develop
Ormrod, J. (2020). Human Learning (8th edition). Pearson.

Yes, I'm including a textbook in my "What I'm Reading" section . . . because that's what I just read (600+ pages). I've been a fan of Ormrod's Human Learning text since I first started teaching human learning in 1997. At that point, it was the third edition, the current text is the eighth edition.

The content is fairly common across multiple other human learning texts, but Ormrod provides a narrative flow to her writing that is clear and easy to follow, and includes explicit links to "Educational Implications." Over the years, the text has grown a bit, but not too much. One of the things I appreciate about the text is it hasn't grown by including new "boxes" of new information, rather than integrating the new information into the text.

In addition, the text provides an appropriate level of depth for a first course in human learning. Ormrod has included citations and the results of studies that get the student in touch with the original sources of the information. Finally, her organization makes it easier for students to organize the content in their minds.

Overall Thoughts
The Ormrod Human Learning text is student-friendly, providing depth, breadth, organization, and flow. It's not quite like reading Harry Potter, but what is? Ultimately, it's good for a course and it's good to have on your shelf as a reference.
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