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June 2021
Artificial Condition (2018): Through the Eyes of a Murderbot
Artificial Condition (2018): Through the Eyes of a Murderbot
Wells, M. (2018). Artificial condition. Tor.

After Murderbot survives book one, it begins a search for information regarding its past. In book one we find out that Murderbot is in fact a "murderbot" because it was responsible for the deaths of 57 of its human charges. Murderbot doesn't know the details, but has been led to believe the murders were due to a malfunction of its control module #&mdash the bot wants to know for sure.

Murderbot catches a ride on an autonomous/non-crew-piloted science transport ship to a central hub and then a shuttle to the RaviHyral Mining Facility Q Station, where the havoc it wreaked (attacking its human charges) occurred. Unfortunately, for Murderbot, in order to gain passage on the shuttle to the mining facility, it will need a pass, which means it will need to sign up as a security consultant to a group of scientists. Not its first choice, but a necessary one.

At the RaviHyral Mining Facility Q Station, Murderbot discovers two truths, that its involvement in the havoc wreaking was not what it was led to believe and that the company in charge of the scientists he agreed to protect wants then dead. More mystery and intrigue, as well as shooting and killing, just as in book one, as Murderbot must keep its new human charges safe.

Reading these books is fun, a genre I can read without a highlighter and pen in my hand to note and denote important passages. The downside of the fun-ness is that I end up reading later into the night than my hypothalamus would like. I've never been good at balancing work and life, but this feels good — a bit more life.

The Murderbot Diaries

  1. All Systems Red (2017)

  2. Artificial Condition (2018)

  3. Rogue Protocol (2018)

  4. Exit Strategy (2018)

  5. Fugitive Telemetry (2021)

  6. Network Effect (2020)

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